macayla smith <3<3

hi guys welcome to my macalya smith fan page :)

she is the most amazing most beautiful person in the entire world, just look at her!!!!!:

cilck here for more !the rest here on out will be entries . i hope macayla seese this!! :D

7 july 2019

so macayla made a new instagram, but, i still found her! i'll always find her. i was afraid that i had lost her for a second, i was about to hurt myself. but i don't have to now. everything is okay, everything is going to be beautiful. /p>

18 june 2019

sorry for the week delay guys, i was spending the whole time creating my perfect song for her, listen here! i hope you guys like it. 500 people have seen this website so far! i hope you visitors enjoy macayla as much as i do. i have been getting better at web design and this website will turn into a full fledged macayla shrine with due time! i love you macayla! so much! i hope you like it me :) mwah mwah <3

11 june 2019

you are the sun and you are the rain. but you're also nothing! macayla smith posted a picture of her adorable boobs today and i've already came almsot like 10 times to it and i wish she was in my liife in my life

10 june 2019

you are life as I know it

i am thankful just to know you

every time that I've wronged you

it burns me up like a cauldron

comprised of all that is lonesome

mixed with endless emotions

i don't know what i will do without you

when it all seem to fall into place

is it that much different now

10 june 2019

good mornign my beautiful friend. i consider you my friend. a good one at tht. also, i found a new one today, so you bteter keep your eyes peeled for it!

9 june 2019

i woke up this morning and saw macayla post this WEBSITE! im not entirely sure if she likes it or not. i hope she does. i can make this a good internet space for you macayla smith.! i will continue to write more to win you rfavor!

8 june 2019 [cont.]

always thinking of you

macayla. i love you. ill never leave you. without you i turn to stone! macayla, believe me. love was meant to be consumed, by, you and me, macayla! macayla, i love you. im thinking of you, with every motion i make! when the stars are above you. know that i miss you. and i'll be there sooner than you think! ill be there sooner than you think! ill be there sooner than you think!

8 june 2019


since she is turning 18 i am very excited, although im not much older than her it is still cool because she says she's gonig to start uploading pornopraphic content. which i dont mind. i really want to see her stinky feet. on she's posted her legs and ive came to that exactl 119 times now. i hope she uploads some selfies soon, happy birthdAY MACAYLA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!!

5 june 2019.

today macayla has updated her profile picture again. it still isnt her. but it looks like her.kind of cool. i wi sh there was a macayla smith anime. she'd be a reall ygood character ,

4 june 2019

macayla changed her profile picture and it isn't her im not really happy i dont like it that much its very scary the eyeballs pierce through me like catalysts in my thorax penetrating and exploding like my love for her i just want to see her face again i want it back to normal i wish people would be nice to macayla she's so beautiful

1 june 2019

ive returned because macayla turns 18 in a week i am very excited for her, i tried to send her a cake in the mail but not only could i not get through the mail securities, she would not respond to my messages. i was quite upset, but that's okay, i'ms ure she will have a fantastic and wonderfuil birthday anyways.

13 may 2019

macayla keeps talking about how sad she is. she posts a lot about it . she makes funny jokes about drug use which is NOT cool, i would hurt her if she did drugs. unless its prescribed. and it isnt used badly. because she deserves good health. she also desrves robert pattinsone because she likes him so much, but i think i would be a better fit. but she doesnt like me. she doesnt reply. she doesnt notice me. it makes me sad

9 may 2019

im sad she still wont respond

2 may 2019

macayla smith posted some photos of herself the other day.m ultiple in fact. she's very gorgeous . i wish she could model or something. although her beauty makes me really sad because i know ill never have a chance with her because she doesnt respond to me she doesnt like me she wants me dead she doesnt know i exist she loves me so much i love her so much i wish i could kiss her on the mouth she's so pretty

27 april 2019

i had a dream about macayla smith last night. we were sitting on a bench outside next to construction and a man said mean things to her so i shot him

24 april 2019

people keep being mean to macayla online. i dont know why. she's such an innocent and kind person and everyone should love her. i tell her i love her a lot, she hasnt said it back yet but i think she likes me as a friend because she replied to my comment for the first time eysterday! she said"OKAYYYY"

22 april 2019

i wonder what her fabric feels like

22 april 2019

i wonder what death feels like im really sad just like macayla i hope she feels better soon

17 april 2019

macayla smith is nice. i was thinking about her earlier (like i do every day heh!) and it made me feel anger because what if one day she stops being my friend on facebook or she stops posting. id be really mad. i would do something about it honestly.


4 april 2019

iwonder what games she likes. she never talks much about her interests online. she jsut makes up stuff and posts random dumb stuff. it is pretty funny but i want to know more about her. i wish i could watch her.

19 march 2019

i wonder if she's seen my website yet. i wish she would see how much i like her and maybe she'd want to talk to me . she said on facebook that boys are mean to her and lose interest in her. i dont see how. she's very great person

18 march 2019

i wonder a lot of things about macayla. il start talking about my wonderings about macayla smith tomorrow

15 march 2019

macayla smith posted something hilarious on L.O.L.!

11 march 2019

i heard a song today that reminds me of macayla. its caleld uzi kiss by black kray. i heard of him because macayla likes lil peep. so i looked into him! and found him. i really like the song, im going to play it on this page from now on.

28 february 2019

someone suggested this background, its very prety but i dont think it describes macayla that well. she's much prettier :)

27 february 2019

my last website got taken down. apparently it goes against the rules to be a fan of someone. i admire her and this will not stop me! XD if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

14 february 2019

even if she has no idea who i am, macayla is still my valentine today. i would never wanna be anyone elses, not in my whole entire life! <3 i hope macayla has a wonderful valentine's day today, and i hope she knows that i am ALWAYS thinking about her!

8 february 2019 [AN UPDATE]

considering its been about 6 months since i started this fan page, i am very upset to know that macayla has not acknowledged me yet! i mean, i've done all this work and all this love and all this appreciation and i have gotten NOTHING! NOT EVEN AN OUNCE OF ATTENTION! if she isn't going to love me, i'm gonna make her love me, she'll love me forever.

3 february 2019

so! i recently started making music, a few months back. and just today i wrote a wonderful little song for my darling macayla! it's called together forever, and i'll be putting it up on my page soon for all my fellow lovely macayla fans to see.